The World Owes Me Nothing

Somewhere along the way I realized that the world owes me nothing. I think maybe it happened at college orientation to Iowa.

I never ended up going in the fall because nothing anyone said that whole day settled well with me. I listened to person after person behind podiums talk to me about credits and requirements and options and tracks and graduation and classes that would all prepare me for success in the "real world."

And all I could think of was all the unhappy people out there working jobs in the "real world" that college had prepared them for. It really got to me. So much so that on the drive home that day with my dad-it was early evening and the sun was sinking and melting all over the dash. I told him I wasn't going. I told him I just didn't think it would make me happy or anyone happy for that matter. I told him college was just a bunch of people telling me that the world owes me stuff, money and all that. And I told him I thought it was a lie.

The real world, I've decided is a bunch of bs. I want life.