The Beginning.

I work at Starbucks. A lot because I’m not in college. Because I believe in wee folk and dragons and people who believe in that stuff don’t go to college.

Anyway, I listen to lots of people order mochas and lattes and black coffee. They order right into my eardrum through the headset. Some people like to act like they’re in a hurry. Some people actually are.


I try to sell donuts and cinnamon rolls and make them sound as low fat as possible.

Mary, my boss, doesn’t understand why I don’t know who Barbara Streisand is. Sometimes I get in her way and she yells, “Why you all up in my world?"

Juan is always "very busy," he'll say sarcastically while chatting in the back room. He’s so sassy and one of the few people who can make me laugh, like have to bend over laugh, like no sounds coming out I can’t breathe laugh, like still funny three hours later laugh.

And Barbara. Oh, Barbie is a lady with bleach blonde hair and pink glasses. She’s had a hard life. She married young and was swept off her feet to live like a princess with everything taken care of for her. She got to pick out the furniture for their massive house and wrap gifts and organize reunions so family could come stay in their massive house and live happily ever after until she found out her husband was cheating on her. And now she’s back here working at Starbucks.

When I think of everything she's been through, "Blessed Be Your Name" comes to mind. The part that says, "He gives and takes away." She went from rags to riches and back again. But because of that everyone tells her their secrets. And she carries them around. They keep her company when she’s falling asleep to the T.V. rumbling full volume as to drown out the neighbors in her condominium complex.

I've learned a lot from working. And not working towards something. Just working. I've learned to take one day at a time and to enjoy each moment. I've become a much calmer, more peaceful person. I've learned to relate with people. Remember names. Sympathize. Even to love enemies.

I've learned to just be.